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Tony Bruks


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BIOGPAPHY & EXPERIENCE: Social media is no doubt one of the largest components comprising the Internet today; thus, marketing for Android apps through this medium is definitely a smart decision. But App Advertising - Reach Your Mobile Users with knows how do you start promoting your Android application through this means? First of all, you need to decide which network you will join. Some of the major sites include Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. You may also consider other networks including Tumblr, Pinterest and Instagram. Your choice will be dependent on your preference, target audience, and app type. It will help to know what each site can offer in terms of marketing your application. Facebook is no doubt the largest network and offers the most diversity in terms of promotion. You can invite individuals who are interested in what you offer through your page and embed widgets within the page. Widgets enable you to add a demo of your app, video presentations, notes, audio sample, and so on.

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