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Leonardo Rojas Benavides


General info
Hour: $ 10.00


Education theory, Psychology


article review, Presentations, research paper, research proposal


BIOGPAPHY & EXPERIENCE: I'm a psychologist, a native Spanish speaker with good command over both English and Spanish. I have experience in academic writing in both languages, specially in the field of developmental psychology, with over 4 years of experience as a research assistant. My work as a research assistant included looking for research sources, proofreading, editing, and sometimes writing papers, design and application of psychological instruments, and structuring research projects from the scratch. I have a couple of published papers and a chapter of a book in Spanish. I can write in both English and Spanish, and also read in Portuguese and French if necessary.

WORK HISTORY: After graduating, I've worked as a research assistant for 3 different research groups in a private university and a public university. The groups in general have had a focus on education, child development, and usage of technology.

EDUCATION HISTORY: I majored in Psychology in 2012, focusing on child development and education. My formation had a strong emphasis in research, including designing experiments, paper searching and writing, and applying and designing evaluation instruments.

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