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Qualitative Research on Sociology of Labor

My master thesis topic is related to sociology of work, to be more precise, I am conducting qualitative biographical research on Ukrainian migrants in Poland (Wroclaw), titled "Precarity on peripheries: Sociological research on work and migration experiences of Ukrainian labor migrants in Wroclaw, Poland". Research is based on contemporary labor market tendencies, and as the title suggests precarity theories, which is in short implies susceptibility of young workforce to non-standart employment. Attached you may find the very last version of my paper (with track changes from the supervisor) For the last chapter 4 - Interview data analyses - I have very few if nothing. I have described more detailly in additional document attached "Data analyses" how exactly I want this chapter to look like. This part includes analyses of biographical-narrative interviews taken from Ukrainian labor migrants in two categories: high skilled and low skilled. Some parts of analyses are included in the file, so you can see how it looks. Besides, I would like all the chapters look more consistent, connected, and more focused on answering to the central research questions (see in the files) As you will see from the files, I have extensive references list, and I can provide with all the necessary literature. Generally, I will need you to assist the current state of my writing, correct basic mistakes, elevate the level of English used where possible. Regarding time, I would like this to be finished within 2 weeks at max, the early the better. For the moment, I need you to reply me with time within which you can complete it and cost of your services, also, once agreed on former parts, what further documents you would need from me to send.



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Number of pages: 35-40
Deadline: 25.10.2018
–°itation style: Chicago/ Turabian
Academic level: Master
Reward: 50$-200$
Assignment id: 81

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