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Read/review case study and answer 5 questions (2500 words total)

Read through the Vertu case study and answer the following questions in a Q&A format. Each question should be answered in approximately 400-500 words. APA citation is required. 1. Describe Vertu’s unique selling propositions using the V.R.I.N. framework 2. Finland-based Nokia operated Vertu in arm’s length, with a separate team looking after its product design, marketing, logistics, and customer care in its UK headquarters. What were the reasons behind this set up? In your opinion, was this arrangement appropriate? 3. Using the information from the case, discuss the role played by Frank Nuovo? 4. Do you think Vertu may cannibalize the sales of Nokia phones, especially its high-end models? Please justify your answers. 5. Nokia sold off Vertu to a private equity group EQT in October 2012, explained the reasons behind such corporate development.
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