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Nonprofits and Entrepreneurship - PhD Level

The Impact of Organizational and Personal Character Traits on a Nonprofit Organization’s Intention Towards Entrepreneurial Activity I have switched my research from a Solomon 4 posttest, pre-test to a cross-sectional list based survey design. I went from using a training program as part of the research to just wanting to test the antecedents that lead to entrepreneurial intention in non-profits. As you will be by my committee member's notes, I have failed to show the gap which I think is similar to the previous one. However, I am a practitioner so academic writing is very challenging for me. I have already paid a service for help but as you can see, I was not successful. I need to get this done and re-submitted in a week if possible. I am hoping with all the information, this will be a simple task. This is a PhD Dissertation Proposal. Please let's talk before any work is done because I have a hard deadline and I would rather make sure you understand my needs.


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Deadline: 02.07.2018
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