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Safe Deal

We only allow verified members to work on assignments filed through the Safe Deal system. Please be aware that in choosing the Safe Deal option you will be obliged to make the full payment for an assignment through your online wallet on our system (your deposit will be secured in your online wallet).

We will unlock the funds and transfer the sum owed to the tutor upon completion and your approval of the assignment.

Larger assignments may be divided into several parts, and the funds transferred in stages to the tutor’s online wallet upon completion of each section and receipt of your approval.

Claims resolution

If for whatever reason you are not entirely satisfied with your assignment, you may lodge a complaint and claim your money back, while the work is still in progress. Our quality-control experts will conduct a through investigation of the grievances.

We thoroughly evaluate all of our tutors and our guarantee is our hallmark. We operate a User-Open system, which allows you to check where the particular person is residing, their native language and qualifications.

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