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GhostWritersGuild offers a marketplace where members who adhere to our Terms & Conditions can offer, sell or purchase tutorial and writing services.

Users joining GhostWritersGuild be will asked to provide personal information at the registration page, including name, email address and nationality. Your location will be automatically defined. Writers will additionally be asked to provide details such as education, skills, experience, and service fees. Users have the option on whether or not to display personal info and contact details.

Users should note and be aware that any personal information posted on a public message board may be read, collected, or used by other users from those forums and may be used to send unsolicited messages. GhostWritersGuild does not take responsibility for any personally information you choose to reveal on such forums.

By accepting the Terms & Conditions of GhostWritersGuild you acknowledge that the latter has the sole rights to any information gathered via our website. Users also agree that public profile information is accessible to other GhostWritersGuild users.

GhostWritersGuild does not provide any information gathered via its website to third parties.

In the process of a transaction, users may obtain personal information, including email address and other information, from another GhostWritersGuild user. Without obtaining prior permission from the other user, this personal information shall only be used for that transaction or for GhostWritersGuild-related communications. Neither GhostWritersGuild nor the owner of the information has granted you a license to use such information for unsolicited commercial messages.

GhostWritersGuild does contain links to other websites; however, we are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites.

Posting content on GhostWritersGuild, it is possible for an outside website or a third party to re-post that material. Accepting our Terms & Conditions users acknowledge that GhostWritersGuild is NOT liable for any dispute concerning this use. If a user chooses to display a GhostWritersGuild-hosted image on another website, the image must provide a link back to its listing page on GhostWritersGuild.

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