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Referral program

GhostWritersGuild has a Referral Programme which it operates via Facebook. Through our Referral Programme users are credited with US$5 for each referral that transmits an order via the GhostWritersGuild website.

Once the Facebook Referral Programme has been activated for at least four days prior to the payment period, the bonus shall be transferred to the users internal account and may be used as a discount for the future orders, or, if the user is a writer, it will may be cashed out the following month on the closest bi-monthly payment date.

A customer support representative must verify this information. If no beneficiary info is provided within this time frame, all payments will be dealt with on the following payment date.

You will receive US$5 per referral, which will be transferred to your GhostWritersGuild account after payment of their first order has been transferred.  Money earned from referrals can be either used to pay for services at GhostWritersGuild or it may be paid on the nearest payment date.

Payments are made on the 16th to the 20th of each month. Payment dates are subject to change. You will be notified via the GhostWritersGuild Messenger and/or email in such circumstances.

While participating in our referral programme, users may not use email spam, social website spam, web spam, including forums, or any other means of promoting the program which may damage the reputation of GhostWritersGuild.

GhostWritersGuild holds the right to terminate the referral programme at any moment (by notifying the user via the GhostWritersGuild Messenger and/or email) in the following cases:

GhostWritersGuild retains the right to withhold improperly collected funds by a user in the event of account termination, in accordance with out Terms & Conditions. In the event that an account is terminated by GhostWritersGuild and should no subsequent violations be determined, all referrals and consequent earnings will be honoured and released to the users account on the nearest payment date

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