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How it works

Please follow the guidance on how to submit your assignment.

1. Submit your assignment (click for details)

It takes just a few steps to complete the submission form, and it is absolutely free. We recommend taking the time to submit an accurate and detailed form in order to enable our writers and writers to ascertain if they have the requisite credentials and skill set to meet the requirements.

We cater for all types of academic and professional assignments, from a two-page essay to a 100-page dissertation. GhostWritersGuild will connect you with a writer or professional writer that best meets your requirements.

We will go to great lengths to assist you in order to ensure the successful completion of your task within the set deadline.

What sets us apart and makes our service unique is that we do not require a deposit! It is entirely up to you whether or not to use our Safe Deal system - which insures you with a money-back guarantee - or to communicate directly with your chosen writer without our mediation.

You have the option of setting your own price for the assignment or opt for the writer with the highest bid.
You might even find a writer and study via Skype.

2. Choose your writer

Now that you have received replies and/or bids from potential writers or writers, you need to choose the ones best-suited for the job.
To make your choice easier you can use the GhostWritersGuild profiler:

  • Professional and/or academic field
  • Education and work history
  • Ratings and reviews
  • Verifications
  • Languages spoken and work experience by geographic location

Do not hesitate to interview potential candidates if you need to establish their academic achievements, professional background, writing style, or anything else that you may consider useful in making your choice.

Please pay attention to each candidate’s verifications. Writers and writers with a PRO account will have a proven track record and verified qualifications. They will be native English speakers or hold internationally recognized language qualifications. We pride ourselves on the quality and professionalism of all our writers, and evaluate their performance on an ongoing basis.

3. Track your assignment

At this stage you can choose whether to continue working with your chosen writer directly, or opt for our Safe Deal system, and leave the process in the safe hands of our experts. Please be aware that in choosing the Safe Deal option, you will be obliged to make a full payment upfront through our system (your deposit will be secured in your online wallet); we will unlock the funds and transfer the sum to the writer or writer upon completion and your approval of the assignment. Larger assignments may be divided into several parts with the funds transferred in stages to the writer’s online wallet upon completion of each section and receipt of your approval. If, for whatever reason, you are not entirely satisfied with your assignment, you may file a complaint and claim your money back, while the work is still in progress. Our quality-control experts will conduct a thorough investigation of the grievances.

We thoroughly evaluate all of our writers, and operate a User-Open system, which allows you to check where the particular person resides, as well as their native language and higher level qualifications (please note the verified status and ID).

We only allow verified members to work on assignments in the Safe Deal system.

4. We can help manage your precious time

The whole point of using an online writing service is to help you complete your written project or submit your paper on time. Students don’t want to waste their precious time dealing with bids, previews, chatting and vetting verifications. That is why we offer a one-stop platform where you can place an order in less than five minutes and move on with your day.

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